EV / Hybrid Vehicles

Fully electric and hybrid vehicles are here to stay and are growing in number every day as more and more of us are adopting these carbon friendly options.

Whilst they are generally very reliable and clean these vehicles do still require maintenance, regular servicing and of course diagnostics. We are qualified and experienced in this field and have been entrusted by many owners to find issues and service their electric vehicles. They have now become a regular undertaking for us. Today it is estimated that EV or hybrid vehicles account for between 2 and 3% of all vehicles on UK roads, but qualified and experienced technicians fall well below this percentage.

We are qualified and experienced in this field and whilst we are very happy to continue to service and maintain conventional vehicles, we have already recognised the importance of making sure there is sufficient skill in the field to meet the demand of these new vehicles.

Please contact us today to discuss your EV or hybrid requirements.


EV/Hyrid Car in for repair

EV/Hyrid Car in for repair
EV / Hybrid